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Last year, talking between captains on a pier of Antibes marina, in the south of france, we decided to found a small association, “the seas warriors”, between friends that love the seas.  

Our idea was doing something real for preserving the future of many people like us, that live and work on the sea. As captains we know what means a plastic bag in the cooling system of an engine or a floating rope around a propeller of your boat but what if a piece of an old net gets on the neck of a young sea turtle?


Imagine how many floating plastic debris you’ve seen last time you sailed your boat, and imagine, just because you cannot see them, how many of this debris are cruising semi-submersed around the globe; if you fish a tuna you’ll have the answer inside its stomach!!!

That’s why we’ve started creating this familiar and no profit association.

But what an half dozen of motivated captains without budget can do for such a big problem as the continuous degradation of our seas and oceans? Maybe we are dreamers, but we believe that the will of a few, can do that miracles happens. Looks like that many captains we’ve spoken to, did agree to our project, which is extremely simple and in a very small way can help the creatures of the seas to live as they did since the creation of the world. Now days we decided to increase this friendly association over the Mediterranean borders, since Sean, Duncan, Oliver and other captains from other seas, decided to join this adventure;  so the “oceans warriors”, are ready to fight for the future and the project starts with the disclosure of a basic decalogue that all the people spending their lives on the seas should respect.



If are one of us and you think you are a good captain, not only because you know how to sail a boat, you should inform your passengers / crew how to treat the sea water you working and living in.

Never discharge a bilge if there is any oil or fuel floating in


Never wash your vessel with aggressive soap or chemicals products 


Never throw overboard cigarette filters, wet wipes and ear sticks, plastic, ropes, nets even if they are extremely small


Never discharge black or gray water tanks if they have not biodegradable agents inside, even if you are offshore. Remember that biological waste near the costs, can contaminate the food chain of the local sea life.


Never clean or brush underwater the antifouling from the hull of your ship; the particles dispersed in the water are highly contaminant and kills marine flora and fauna.


Do not live any engine on for long time near to the coasts, the excessive use of any engine, generators, contaminate the sea; much more if works with oil fuel.


Never anchor on poseidonia fields or avoid that the chain of your anchor destroy the seabed.


Avoid the excessive use of Sunscreen protection, anytime you swim, the heavy metals contained, disperse into the water are getting in to the food chain of the fishes


If you like fishing, capture only the fishes you can eat and no more that this.


If you can, refish and recyclate from the seas, as much plastic debris as you can.



The Project 

Our Idea;

The project is about sensibilizing as many people as we can that works and lives near to the seas or rivers, to defend and respect the waters where, as us, millions of living species have their habitat. Between those spaces, the humans have the responsibility and power to avoid that in 2050 will be more plastic floating than fishes living in the seas. 

Many willing people are already working for it. The union is power. Let’s help each other and do it together. We are open to anyones help in order to improve and spread our message.


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What does it mean to be one of us? 

To ensure that our project becomes reality as a future guideline to follow for those who make sustenance from the sea, you have to become a Sea Warrior. Our association is part of this project, be one of us and together we can improve the association, the ideas and the intentions to follow.

Being a Ocean Warriors member doesn’t cost anything: Just fill in the form and you will be part of the group. Working out some interesting convention with the marinas around the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Atlantic Ocean so the Sea Warriors members will have a friendly welcome and some more attention that soon will be published on our news section.

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